Oil’s collection and recycling

Tuesday 5 April 2011
by Lara Figuerola
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In Barcelona, a lot of oil is used every day for cooking. Once used, it’s very poluting to throw it into the sink. To avoid the pollution, this oil should be sent to the nearest recycling point.

The objective of the campaign wich has just started in Barcelona is to encourage the people to bringing of domestic oil to the green points of the city.

To separate the oil is very easy, there’s a package that facilitates the separation and transportation to the green point. This package can be picked up in any green plant in Barcelona.

It’s a container that can be disassembled and cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s got an ideal filter to separate the oil from the food scraps, and a protective container to catch the oil although it’s hot. The Oilpot can withstand until 180 º C and it has a capacity of 750 ml. It has a screw to prevent any spillage in and drop a handle to carry it comfortably, plus a bill that allows to pour the oil without soiling themselves.

If separated, the oil can be recycled and become soap, paint or biodiesel.

By: Alex Bocanegra, Lara Figuerola & Marta Saurina

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