Collection of furniture and junk in Barcelona

Wednesday 23 May 2012
by Martí Cercavins
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One day a week set out the furniture and items for free in Barcelona. Every street is assigned a fixed day: just the day playing, let the furniture and junk that we want to throw in the door between 20 and 22 hours. This service is only for private citizens.

What kind of items are collected? sofas, doors, furniture, chairs, boxes and wooden slats, blinds or broken toys, etc.

What is not collected? debris, sanitary or similar objects. In case of refrigerators, air conditioners or refrigerators with CFC components, use the green point to protect the environment.

There is also a paid service that is responsible for the collection of old furniture and items in their homes in 36 hours.

It should also say that many of the furniture and items “in a bad state” that people leave at the door of his house are covered by other people who need them.

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