Recycling of clothing and fabrics

Tuesday 22 March 2011
by Nelly Vicheva
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Recycling of clothing and textile Latterly more and more appear companies, which recycled unnecessary garments, fabrics and other textile products. In Bulgaria this idea isn’t very well-developed, but more and more people are to be interested. What is the purpose of the recycling of textile products? The aim is this type recycling to be necessary, and people to adopt the separate collection and disposal of their clothes. How can I recycling? People can take over their clothes in special containers for this purpose. The recycling can be done through fragmentation and production of new resumed waves and non-woven textiles through special machines. For what is being used recycling textiles? Of the resulting tissues should be made insoles for shoes, as well as some wadding for sewing industry also used for different types waterproofing. Benefits of recycling clothes Recovery and recycling of clothing is of huge benefit as for the economy, as well as for the environment - his clothes are a problem for landfill sites, because the synthetic fibers do not degrade, a wool in their degradation produce methane, which is the main culprit for global warming. It is also recalled and that is reducing the need for new resources, avoid pollution, which is unavoidable in the processing of new raw materials. Securing jobs also not for being.

Viara Gicheva, Bulgaria

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