Glass recycling in Barcelona

Thursday 31 March 2011
by Enric Florit Zacarías
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What can be recycled as glass?

Just have to throw in the green container glass bottles! Always clean, empty and without tops.

What is its destiny?

This is the process stream after passing the glass through the green container:

* It moved to treatment plants to be analyzed and determine the degree of cleaning required.

* The glass passes through an area equipped with magnets to extract ferrous materials. Automated computer-controlled sensors perform final debugging.

* Then, the glass is ready to create new packaging.

With the recycled glass we can make new bottles, jars, vases and other things, materials that look virgin glass. Glass is absolutely recyclable and keeps all their qualities.

Did you know…?

* A ton of glass recycled saves 1200 kg of raw materials and 100 kg of petroleum.

* Recycling glass reduces air pollution by 20% and water by 50%.

* Barcelona is the Spanish city wich recycles more glass.

Numbers about the glass recycle (2009)

* 8,058,000 tons of recycled glass in Europe

* 751.581.634 kg of glass picked up on Spain (15,2 kg/capita)

* 156.498.150 kg of glass picked up on Catalonia (20,9 kg/capita)

By: Enric Florit, Marc Belmonte & Carles Checa

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