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Are the natural sciences popular these days?

There is no obvious and unequivocal answer for this question. On the one hand, students discouraged with effort which they must put into learning science, and are reluctant for choosing studies related to these areas. On the other hand, well-chosen method of activating the students is able to enthusiastically encourage major numbers of young people to deal with natural science.
by Aneta Mika

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GIFT-2011 : Evolution and Biodiversity

This web site is made by teachers and pupils from contries all around the world. You will find articles in different languages.
It has been inspired by the GIFT workshop. Those conferences gives the oportunity to teachers to meet and to creat interschools projects as this web site.

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Miércoles 23 de mayo de 2012
por Toni Ripollès


4% of petrol goes to the plastics industry and between 2000 and 2002, Spain consumed 1,502,519 tons of plastic, that after using , became rubbish, recycling only the 17,1% of the total. Currently the supermarkets that offer cloth bags that after being worn were renewed. It bought 96,000 tonnes (...)
Wednesday 23 May 2012
by Martí Cercavins

Collection of furniture and junk in Barcelona

One day a week set out the furniture and items for free in Barcelona. Every street is assigned a fixed day: just the day playing, let the furniture and junk that we want to throw in the door between 20 and 22 hours. This service is only for private citizens. What kind of items are collected? (...)
Miércoles 23 de mayo de 2012
por Francisco

Proces of the recycled of glass in Barcelona

In Catalunya, the recuperation of the glass started in February in 1982, specifically at Barcelona, with 836 T of glass. Catalunya is the autonomous community that pick more kg of glass (156.498.150 kg.) The recycled of the glass, started with a process of cleaning and separation of (...)
Miércoles 23 de mayo de 2012
por Claudia Muñoz

The Paper in Barcelona City Hall

The Barcelona City Hall will consume large quantities of paper, this represents 40% of expenses for office supplies and 60% of waste generated. The Town Council to collaborate in the work of sustainability recycled paper. The environmental benefits of using recycled paper are: We have stopped (...)
Wednesday 23 May 2012
by Angele Doudement, Armelle Girard

Are batteries fatal for the environment?

This is our protocol : We put lentils and seeds in glass jars. In the first one we put an old battery. We watered them three times a week. We placed them in the same place next to a window. The observation lasted 2 weeks. 2 weeks later : We can notice that germs grew in the same way (5 (...)


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28 November 2010 - Secondary School of Economics ‘Georgi Rakovski’, Varna, Bulgaria

Secondary School of Economics ‘Georgi Rakovski’, Varna, Bulgaria prepares people for small and (...)